Kisi Ko Vash Me Karne Ke Totke

kisi ko vash me karne ke totke
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Kisi Ko Vash Me Karne Ke Totke

Kisi Ko Vash Me Karne Ke Totke – Each one of you has the power in you to control anyone you wish. This person can be any individual and it doesn’t matter whether you personally know them or not. You have the ability to powerfully influence people to a large extent as long as you have faith. The influenced people will think like you want them to and you can also control their behavior. You can easily control the person you love such as your lover and your beloved husband as well.There are several ways in which you can bring someone in your vash and keep them in your vash. The more truly you love someone, the easier it would be to bring them under your vash. Kisi ko vash me karne ke totke can be applied in order to expedite the process of dominating someone’s thought process.

kisi ko vash me karne ke totke
kisi ko vash me karne ke totke

Totke are described as tips and tricks that you can use in order to get something done quicker and efficiently. You can useseveral totkeaccording to what feels good to you. Then you can control someone and their thoughts. Kisi ko vash me karne ke totke that you can utilize are:

  • You must have a good heart and have good intentions.
  • Be clear about what you want and why you want to control them. You should also make sure that you really do want them in your vash.
  • If you really want to control someone then you should be willing to go as far as you can. There are some procedures from which you cannot back out suddenly. Hence, careful thinking should be done before proceeding to do anything.
  • You should never try to harm someone by controlling them. If you do so then you will be badly affected as well and you may even die.
  • Be aware that you cannot completely control someone’s thoughts. You can influence them a lot but only if they allow that. It is comparatively harder to control people who are mentally strong.
  • If it is someone you don’t know then it is recommended that you at least talk to them once. This way they will be aware of you and thus you may subsequently control them.
  • You can utilize vashikaran mantras that are intended to make someone in your vash for as long as you wish. You can apply different vashikaran mantras depending on whom you wish to influence and control.
  • Research about vash and its procedures as much as you can. You can learn a lot and thus make wise decisions based on your knowledge.

Premi ko vash me karna deals with controlling your lover so that they are under your spell. The most popular and easy way to accomplish that is by using strong vashikaran mantras. Following is a mantra that allows premi ko vash me karna:

  1. Wake up early in the morning, preferably before sunrise.
  2. Then wash your face with water.
  • Next, say the following mantra below while holding a jug of water:


  1. After recitation, drink all the water in the jug. Make sure that as you do so, you are thinking of the person you want to control.
  2. Repeat this whole method for 7 times continuously without a break.

You can attract the girl of your dreams as well. She will fall in love with you and both of you can live happily ever after. Make sure you really do love the girl and want to be with her forever. Ladki ko vash mein karne ka mantra is as follows:

  1. You need to attain siddhi by repeating the mantra 1000 times:


  1. Take a shower and then fast on the 6th day of the Krushhna Paksha. You also need to uproot a plant called Sahedevi on this day.
  • Next, you should make a paste of the root of the plant and then eat a bit of it along with a betel leaf.
  1. Then with the rest of the paste, you need to mix it with gorochan and some water.
  2. Apply this pasteas a teekaon your forehead.
  3. Finally, you need to appear before the girl you love and she will be in control as soon as she sees you.

Has your husband stopped being the kind of person you initially fell in love with? Have other things taken your place in his life? If that is the case then you can use any or all ofthe following pati ko vash me karne ka upay:

  • Love your husband unconditionally so that he listens to you more.
  • You can contact a vashikaran specialist who will be able to make your husband come under your vash easily. Do thorough research to find a genuine specialist and make sure that he is worth how much you pay him.
  • You can get help from astrologers who will look at your kundli and your husband’s. Then he will tell you what changes need to be made such that your husband is in your vash.
  • You can chant the following mantra for 108 repetitions and then you will attain siddhi:


  • Another mantra that can be employed is:
  1. You should recite the following mantra for 1,00,000 times to acquire siddhi:


  1. Lastly, you should repeat the mantra for 11 times while thinking of your dear husband.

You have seen that there are a variety of ways in which you can get someone in your vash for as long as you want. Just make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into before beginning any vash procedure. Although some of the processes seem easy and effortless, they can be fatal if you do them incorrectly. Hence, proper precautions must be taken whenever you do something related to getting someone in your vash. It would be advised that you do procedures under guidance because then only you will be properly guided. You can consider other people’s opinions but let the final say be solely yours. If something feels uncomfortable then you should not do that. Instead, you should try something else. Let your intuition be your guide and you will surely be lead to the right path that is there for you.